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The Oxford Book of Spirituals
published by Oxford University Press

Edited by Moses Hogan

African-American spirituals comprise one of the world’s greatest and best loved bodies of music, appealing to performers and audiences across all boundaries. This marvelous 235 page collection of music scores by 28 composers serves as a significant resource for your music library. Published by Oxford University Press, edited by Moses Hogan.

The Oxford Book of Spirituals includes a rich array of songs, both familiar and less familiar, arranged by twenty-eight of the most significant composers and presented in chronological order from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present with a short bibliography on each composer. The selections illustrate the history of the spiritual as an art form- from the first serious attempts at notation in ways that approximated actual performance styles, through an arrangement by one of today's most exciting composer-arrangers, published here for the first time.

Nathaniel R. Dett
Carl Diton
Harry T. Burleigh
William Dawson
John W. Work
Noble Cain
William Grant Still
William Lawrence
Robert Shaw
Marshall Bartholomew
Warren Martin
Evelyn La Rue Pittman
Undine S. Moore
Hall Johnson
Jester Hairston
Leonard de Paur
Norman Luboff
Betty Jackson King 
Wendell Whalum 
Andre Thomas
Jack Halloran
Lee Cloud
Roland M. Carter
Lena J. McLin
Robert L. Morris 
Alice Parker
Richard Jackson
Moses Hogan
Evelyn Simpson-Curenton

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This marvelous 235-page music score reference will serve as a significant resource for your music library.

The Deep River Collection

Low Voice

High Voice

Deep River - 10 Spirituals arranged for Voice and Piano
(Volume One) 
Arranged by Moses Hogan

Dear Music Lover, 

In a time and place where physical hardship and emotional anguish were a way of life for a people in bondage, God placed into their hearts and onto their lips a song. So powerful was this song that in its words was hope itself, in its melody the peace for which their hearts yearned, and in its rhythm the pulse of the Almighty who sustained them. That song was the spiritual, and it survives to this day as one of the most deeply moving expressions of the human spirit. In the hands of early masters such as Harry T. Burleigh and Hall Johnson, the spirituals retained their lyrical directness and their emotional power while taking on a new measure of harmonic refinement. It is upon the foundation established by these pioneers that Moses Hogan has built, adding his own unique contribution to the deep river of the Negro spirituals. As is evident in these songs of the Deep River Collection, in his work are fused the harmonic sensibility honed by his years as a student and practitioner of classical piano literature, his love of the human voice, and his musical roots in the African-American Baptist church. 

Deep River 
He Never Said A Mumblin' Word (Crucifixion) 
Give Me Jesus 
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 
Let Us Break Bread Together 
My Good Lord's Done Been Here 
Somebody's Knockin' At Yo' Door 
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Were You There? 
Walk Together Children 

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